SimplyShare A Smile.

Discover how a simple smile shared travels the world.  The sharing starts with the giving. Just pick one and share freely.

  • Be remembered by lightening someone's load  with a smile action.
  • That Smile Quota just keeps topping up.
  • Smiles are a returnable asset in any business.
  • There is no charge.
  • There is no catch.

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Jaw-Dropping Temptations

A day full of Smiles are the most beautiful things to share.  Costs are low, returns may never be seen.  Yet freely given that Smile brings  a lifting of energy .. Builds repore and 'Word Of Smiles' freely shared travels fast.


 Oh You Make Me Smile

                                           You make my heart Smile.


Blazing Fast Smile Times

A Smile 'otimized' returns at lightning fast speeds. Or, after it has traveled the world.. No need to worry about running out.