Get Organized.  Know where to go.  Whats there.  Who to meet and greet.

Discover  what there is to do in the days ahead. Or what to be apart of within your community.Where to find the information is right here.  Simply place your name and  best email in the  box.  Hit the"I want Access". Check your email box. Make us one of your a worth while contacts.

  • Plan the day.
  • Know what's where and who's going to be here as stall holders, guests and  artists.
  • Access specials of the day. 
  • Stay informed.
  • Have a display.
  • All as they come to hand... 
  • Join in the fun.
  • All information is correct and current at the time of release

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Your privacy is very important to you. Keeping it that way is important to me as well.   That said, I will not be on selling or releasing your information to other people.



Each person is a unique individual.  All having different influences, skills, talents, resources, time factors and understanding factors. Implementing your schedule is up to you.  All we are doing is sharing the information presented to us.  Please contact the organisations and, or stall holders  directly.


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by Susan .
Please pass the information along through your word of mouth systems.  Either, person to person or, through online  or real world systems.  The ones at no cost are the ones we can all afford.